SERVICES:   All services require a phone consultation, prior to your session, to insure you are choosing the best the service for your goals.  Brenn believes in the inclusion of all, therefore payment plans are available on services over $55.


This 6 hour class will walk you through the history, science, and methodology of creating crystal healing grids. You will be able to experiment with many different grids, crystals, and techniques, as well as begin to create your own special grids while learning what crystals you resonate with the most. This is a very hands on class, full of energy, and exploration, so come curious and be prepared to embark on a magical journey. Includes book and chakra crystal kit. How: 3 hour classes held 2 weeks apart. How much? $129   AND  ​I also teach an introduction to crystal grids class in crystal stores nationwide. This class includes my book and 3 hours of instruction. Ask your local crystal store when I'm visiting them. $85

Will assist you in creating what you want in your life while eliminating what is not working for you on a sub-conscious level. Science has shown that we are only making conscious choices less than 5% , at best, of our day. Imagine what you could create if you were running your sub-conscious mind and tell it what you want your days to look like. Like a computer, our brains run an operating system, upload the programs you want and start programming what you want to have, see, and be in your world.  You will be emailed an audio recording of your hypnosis session, to listen to daily, in order to continue the path you've started in session.  Most topics take 2  to 5 sessions, and this to address what changes occur in the interim as you shift from what you don't want into what you do want. How: first session is 2 hours at $150, follow-up sessions are 90 minutes $100.​

Crystal Reflexology
Combining the healing energy of crystals with reflexology and meridian therapies, this holistic approach to jump-starting the body’s natural ability to heal itself is an amazing way to treat mental and physical issues, injuries, and some disorders.  Every gemstone has a healing property that enables the body to draw energy from and cleanse itself of what’s not working.  Examples of areas successfully treated include: headaches, earaches, joint pain, cramps, colds, flu, stomach problems, insomnia, depression, Attention Deficit Disorder, anxiety, and stress.  If you are looking to address a specific issue at home, order a healing pouch or bracelet that will help to address the cause of and ease the symptoms you or a friend or family member may be experiencing.  The topics include but are by no means limited to: Arthritis, Headaches, Stress, Anxiety, Depression Migraines, Grief, Fears around Money,  Chronic Pain, Fear of loss, Phobias, and PMS. Pouch and bracelet prices vary, as pricing for gems used varies. How: 90 minutes sessions $99, follow-up sessions $85.00, 30 minute power session $45.

Transformative Wellness Coaching
Develop your own individual pathway of information that gives insight to where you’re going, assists you in leaving behind your unhealthy habits and belief systems while creating new ones, and expands your positive energy in healthy ways that meet your desired outcomes.  Whether your goals are in your personal life, family life, career life, letting go of your past, or all of them; you are free to choose to transform your world and design the future that fulfills you wildest dreams.  You have the power to create your best life now.  90 minutes $90, follow-up $75, 30 minutes refresh $55.

Angel & Spirit Guide Guidance
Ask questions of your inner self, higher self, spirit guides, or of the universe around you. Using crystals and cards to guide us, we will seek the answers you request, the guidance you desire, and discover the possibilities before you. If you have ever wondered “what would happen if”, then come and experience for yourself what answers and possibilities you really have, that you just needed to uncover.  As a bonus, a written or recorded reminder of the guidance you received during your session will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your reading. 60 minutes $85, 30 minutes $55.

Home, Office, Structure Energy Clearing 
Have you ever felt unsettled in a new home, office, or structural environment? There may be a history of energy that is blocking you creativity, success, and flow. Brenn will seek out what the root cause is and clear away the unpleasant or negative energy or entity that needs to move on, in order for you to be at peace in your surroundings. Fees are based on the size of structure, steps required, and crystals used. 

Chakra Clearing Series
This is a 4 part series. Each series is its own chapter of life, if you will. While attending all 4 series' will take you deeper into inner learning about yourself and into higher levels of consciousness, it is not absolute that you attend all 4 in order to understand the process. Each series consists of 8 meetings in person, or via a private online group, over the course of 7 weeks.  I typically schedule for 1 month off in between each 7 week series to give you time to integrate what you have learned into your daily routine before starting the next series. Each 7 weeks covers different topics and requires different tasks to be done, therefore each series is different and repeating them provides you even more opportunity to transform your life into what you truly desire. Your book, course work, affirmation cards, and chakra stone set are included.  $229 group or $399 individual  (payment options available) 

NOTE:  All services require a phone consultation, prior to your session,

to insure you are choosing the best the service for your goals.

“I learned how to work with crystals, understanding how they affect each other, how the energy was different with each one, and how that energy was effecting me in a positive manner.  They have helped me focus at work. Communication is better both at work and personally. Brenn and I also worked with crystals on some physical pains, I no longer have.” Rebecca F. – Senior Recruiter

“Crystals are living beings capable of great healing. The crystals I use in my shop have created a vortex of energy promoting a safe, loving, peaceful, and protected space while drawing in customers that might not have come otherwise. My clients say the energy here is amazing and hard to put into words.”  Betsy R. – Business Owner

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 "Therapy quality gemstone crystals are potent tools for making positive changes to the living bio-field that envelops our being. Known as the Aura or Chi, it is our home, our protection, our source of wellbeing, thought and feeling. I've found these natural tools wonderfully able to support, shield, nourish, fine tune, and cleanse for ultimate performance." –Mark Govers

“I've had several experiences with Brenn and her crystals. The most dramatic was when I had my Aura photo taken and it was totally red.  This didn't seem right to me after hearing the Aura reading. I saw Brenn for a 30 min. crystal clearing just 10 minutes after the first photo, then immediately had another photo taken after. What a profound affect the crystals had! My aura came out all blue and purple with many sparkly white spots in an arc over my head. The aura reader was totally amazed. I was glad to see that my legion of angels and spirit guides were visible, and very alive.” D. Konrad – Investor


Brenn's belief is that each individual has a unique frequency and natural energetic process, and that fine-tuning your energetic vibration opens a path to releasing unwanted issues & ailments while promoting effective healing; resulting in a healthy body/spirit and universal alignment.

“My Life has changed dramatically since starting crystal grid work. I sold my house, bought a new house for retirement (No Mortgage owed). Paid off all my bills.  Vacations galore!  Life is so good!” Robin Esteph —Healers Healer

“I received a framed crystal abundance grid as a gift.  There have been many noticeable changes. I was offered the job that I had been wanting for months, just a week after I put the grid up and got a pay increase with it. Positive relationships have blossomed and unhealthy ones have dissolved. I really love it.” Morgan P. –Real Estate Assistant 

About Brenn

Brenn instructs one on one sessions and group courses incorporating many modalities, often using several at the same time. Flexibility is important to her, as her belief is no one learns in the same manner or at the same time. Combining modalities like meditation, mantras, chakra balancing, crystal healing, spatial energy effects, angel sessions, sacred geometry, life coaching, tapping, hypnosis, visualization, and manifestation, among others, assists you with finding methods that you relate to with ease and comfort.  This comfort offers you freedom as you shift your days into the life you dream, the health you desire, and the relationship with others that allows your heart to sing. 

When you meet with Brenn for a session she is tuning into conversation with your angels, energetic frequency, and thought patterns simultaneously. This allows you to gain insight into not only what stops you from your goal(s), but also what can create balance and abundance moving into positive forward momentum. She majored in Psychology in college, and while there is a place for it in our daily lives, she believes that often those clinical processes are long, tedious, and stressful. Brenn opted to leave that path, and instead, to create a natural energetic approach to focusing on right now and your future (rather than your past) while healing mind, body, and spirit in ways that are empowering and uplifting.

She will show you how combining modalities will enhance your power to get to where you want to be expeditiously without the long trip down memory lane.  At times she has sessions without any prior conversation, as she is allowing your energy and angels to speak for you. For you over-thinkers and analysts, hypnosis and life coaching are great assistants to getting your mind out of your way, thus allowing your body to heal and shift in ways that honor your highest and greatest good and purpose in life. Combine either with crystals and your angels, and you have a powerful remedy for health and success. 

Experience: Four decades of collecting, using, and researching crystals and stones for their energetic properties for self healing and for client sessions. Over a decade of teaching and using EFT, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, and NLP to assist clients in getting out of their own way. Psychology Major, Author, Mother, Wife, Volunteer, Health-Fitness-Nutrition Coach, and over 25 years of Sole Proprietorship.

Where mind, body, and spirit align and thrive


To promote energetic and crystal healing to the world in order to create greater self-awareness, raise levels of consciousness, and install the belief that you DO have the ability to heal yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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