​​​Marlo Nikkila

is a guide, teacher and space holder for people to experience true peace and prosperity. Through her energy medicine yoga classes, workshops and transformational retreats {held at her Peaceful Heart Retreat space in Hood River}, she offers sacred containers to breathe, to pause and connect to the natural world around us and in us.  As a peaceful creator, she bridges the world from “making things happen” to aligning energy so that something can happen with ease. www.marlonikkila.com

Jerome T. Filipiec

is an Energetic Healer and Co-author of "Channeling Demistyfied for Spiritual Perspective" with Miriam Stanford-Cusack PhD. Jerry channels advice from various spiritual,  angels, guides, and energetic sources personal to the client to provide them with the appropriate healing information and energy in order to clear internal blockages to personal energy flows which manifest themselves in the body and in life experiences as undesirable.. The clients own collection of energy,  personal desires and support will determine the style of the sessions. He does readings from client questions, and also employs the tarot as necessary. Over fifty years of practice and study I bring to you to make your life better.
He operates in Sacramento, CA., Hood River, OR., and via phone.

Robin Esteph

is a Healers Healer and a gifted Aura Photographer. Her work throughout the years has been dedicated to helping you see, resolve, and clear what is stopping you from being your true authentic self. She has one of the few remaining original aura cameras, and provides a photo and an energetic reading about your photo in order to provide you with guidance to heal your life and clear your path for your next steps. She operates in Dallas, TX., Rowe, NM., and Hood River, OR.

The first 30 attendees will receive a special gift bag upon entry.

​​​Dixie, Rebecca, Colleen, Susan, and Mary Sue

are amazing women who have been involved with crystals, and the healing attributes they provide for us, for many years. They have worked with SacredRX for a few years now making healing treatments, that Brenn creates in her book, available to the public. These ladies are a great source for crystals, tumbled stones, and healing energy. "They are my go-to for tumbled stones because of their vast selection, reasonable pricing, and knowledge of each stones healing properties." ~ Brenn

​​Ginger McDowell

is an intuitive healer. She combines the healing properties of herbs, essential oils, and crystals to create powerful tinctures, based on your unique situation, for you to use for physical, emotional, and mental well being. A session with Ginger will help you create a path to healing, so that you live your best life now. She operates in the Portland Metro area and Hood River, OR., and via phone.

Free Presentations

       10:30 am     Energy Yoga

       11:30 am     Crystal Healing

       12:30 pm     Crystal-Oil Blends

         1:30 pm      Healing Circle

         2:30 pm      Channeling Demystified

         3:30 pm      Self-Hypnosis

Mini-sessions are available at the event.

        UPDATE 10-2-17---appts are filling fast.        Pre-book by calling Brenn:  503.915.4520

Option: booking a private session for Monday at the SacredRX studio.

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Brenn Michaels Simonen

is a the author of Sacred Grid Therapies, Crystal Healing Treatments, founder of SacredRX. Her passion is crystal healing and creating a path for others to learn to heal themselves, no matter their current diagnosis. She is an intiutive medium who gathers information and instruction from your guides and angels to create a healing path that works in your highest and greatest good.  She often combines healing modalities to create a vortex of energy to effectively assist your journey.  She operates from her mobile office across the Country, webinars, and via phone.

​                    ​Learn more about each practitioner's service and fees on our services page.