Thursday:       6:30pm        FREE Introduction to Decoding Metaphysics
July 12
Friday:            9am-1pm     Private Readings/Sessions by appointment
July 13               5-10pm        Lecture and sessions during the Metaphysical  Faire at GEM Studio in Portland, OR follow link for more information: 

Saturday:        3 level META-Seminar Series (2 hours each)
July 14            9:30am       Level 1– Where you fit into metaphysics.

What does metaphysical healing mean for you and offer you? Learn how our belief systems can greatly interrupt or even delete our ability to heal.
                          12:30pm     Level 2– Fast-track to drawing in and tuning your gifts. When we know our strengths, we better access and harness the energy within us to create a wealth of positive energy and manifestation all around us.
                          3pm            Level 3– Operating with your guides & active healing. Hearing from and conversing with our angels and guides can seem like a far-off idea, yet, it happens daily. Learn to keep the conversation clear, direct the information, and create healing for your life and those around you. Take home tools and processes for better healing of self and application for others.

Sunday:           The Health Practitioner & Energy Healing (4 hours)
July 15             10am          This is a healing event for therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors, fitness trainers, teachers, and all those working with patients/clients who can be in states of unrest physically, mentally, or emotionally. Learn direct skills from source that allow you to tap into the unsaid in order to ask the qualifying questions that create freedom and ease for your clients. The psychology of a patient/client/student directly affects the physicality and emotional states of the body. Clear the psychological upset and more  often than not, clear the physical or mental issue. Jerome's 50+ years in working with energies while in teaching capacities will amaze and his methods will inspire you.
                             4-7pm         Private Sessions by appointment

Monday:          9am-2pm    Last chance, Private Sessions by appointment

Decoding and Demistifying Metaphysical Healing

a weekend of learning, practicing, and healing

Accepting things of a non-conventional reality was never a problem for Jerome, "Jerry". He was raised in what his grandparents referred to as a "free thinker" household.  There were no religious biases even though his grandmother could recite the entire Roman Catholic mass in three different languages.  Open mindedness was the key, infused with a strong sense of truthfulness and morality.

He taught Mathematics and Physical Science for over 45 years, but that wasn't all that was happening.  He kept asking for more and more knowledge, and the opportunities to learn and experience came flooding in.  Individuals with healing talents, amateurs and professionals, kept coming into his life offering to teach him their methods.  He co-wrote "Channeling Demystified, for Spiritual Perspective and teaches the art of channeling your guides and using your gifts. Today he takes on healing clients primarily via phone from across the country and is still holding in-person seminars with SacredRX. 




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Guest Speaker  JULY 12-16  Jerome T. Filipiec, Intuitive
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